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About Us

To eat is a blessing. As a sweet finale to any meal, dessert is usually served in one form or another, whether it be a slice of gourmet cake, or a nice eclair with the perfect filling. As a result, many in recent years have flocked to learn the art of bakery in order to learn the joy of providing the perfect dessert for their loved ones. If one is looking to learn, look no further!  Lucinda Bakery & Pastry, a place that specialize in the impartment of such skills.

Our courses offer Professional Bread and Cake Baking Course, as well as Professional Decoration and Advance Gum Paste Course. For those serious in taking up baking as a craft, there is also the Full Professional Course available.

At Lucinda Bakery we emphasizing on practical hands-on training and theory based lesson. What’s unique about Lucinda Bakery is that we allow students to learn at their own pace with no fixed timing, allowing flexibility for students who otherwise have other commitments.

Our friendly environment and non-rigid structure of courses aims to foster creativity, which has proved effective and popular amongst our students!

Striving to become great at her job!

Wants bigger things in life, love when cakes, pastries come alive in her hands.
Finds passions in creating pastries that brings joys or smiles to others!
and most of all, late mother Chef Jane Goh who guide me, taught me, show me what the world of pastries is all about!

You got to start somewhere right? Make the first step at lucinda bakery and the rest will follow.

Vivienne Yong very first touch of ‘practice buttercream’ was at 7 years old and standing beside was her chef, mentor and late mother, Jane Goh. Chef Jane Goh taught her the very basic foundation sets of skill, from creaming cakes to brushing egg wash on puffs and until she was old enough to bake her very first cake! Vivienne deeply remember what her mother has told her, ‘ Baking is an art, we must have patience when confronted, steady persistence in spite of difficulties or discouragement and have passion in the things that we do.’

Further skill and knowledge are taught and train by well know Chef Frederic Deshayes, all about mixing the right ingredients to achived quality result. Chef Kenny Kong, taught and guided her how to be ready and prepare for competition and Chef Vasu Thevan who introduce the world of chocolate to her!

– Diploma in Pastry and Bakery Arts, Graduate of At-Sunrice Gobal Chef Academy

– Certificated in China Grain Product Research & Development Institute, Taiwan

– Bronze Medalist in FHA Singapore Freestyle Wedding Cake 2010

– Italy, Rimini Junior Pastry World Cup – Third Placing Chocolate Showpiece 2011

– Sliver Medalist in FHA Singapore Freestyle Wedding Cake & Chocolate Showpiece 2012

– Winner of WSQ Outstanding Alumni 2014

– Chocolatier at The Fullerton Hotel and Conrad Centennial Hotel